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OTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX  - "Denali"

Denali has demonstrated her talented abilities in both field and obedience. She has her Master Hunter (MH) title and Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) in the field and Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH)  in obedience with 2 High in Trial wins while completing these titles.  A video of her completing her Utility routine at a recent fun match  is posted below. We do obedience training in the winter and field training in spring/summer/fall. She loves to work and has excellent water courage, perserverance and trainability. Denali is a daughter of

Goldencol's Diamond in the Ruff CGN, CDX, WC, AGIV, AGIJV, AGIPV, RAE, CCA, CRET, CRS.

Denali's pedigree and clearances are available at ;


      Below is a video of Denali doing her Utility Obedience routine at a Fun Match  February  1, 2020.





Taygold's Christie Teal SH WCX CD - "Teal"

Teal has excelled at a young age completing her SH and WCX by 2 years of age. She has passed 2 Master Hunt tests this past season in 2019 and completed her CD in obedience. She obtained a leg towards her CDX title in obedience this spring. She is a driven retriever with excellent marking abilities and strong water courage. At the same time she is very affectionate and loves to be next to you  or on you  receiving  pets.

Teal is a daughter of OTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX  and NMH2 GMH Zaniri's Outlaw Billy The Kip Can MH28 Am/Can WCX Am MH19 CGN RE CD

Her pedigree and clearances are available at the following link on K9 data:



Taygold's Real Tree Camo JH WC - "Camo"

At only 6 months of age Camo passed 3 consecutive Junior Hunt tests to obtain her JH title as well as obtaining her Working Certificate title on the same weekend.

Camo is a daughter of OTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX  and Am. AFC Topbrass Hawks Blackhawk OS ( Hawk was the 2nd  all  time Golden Derby Dog and obtained 17 All Age Points in U.S. Field Trials in 2019 and competed in the 10th Final Series of the 2019 U.S. NARC (National Amateur Retriever Championship). 

Camo's pedigree and clearances are  available at the following link on K9 Data. Since she was only born March 8, 2019, she is not yet old enough to have hip, elbow, heart and eye clearances. She does have some DNA clearances for

PRA -pcd, PRA 1 & 2, Ichthyosis and NCL.



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