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Taygold is pleased to announce a breeding that was done in January 2024. Pregnancy has been confirmed with an ultrasound.  This would mean puppies born in mid March and  ready to go in May 2024. Performanace homes will be given preference.


 Teal obtained her Grand Master Hunter title ( have to pass 15 Master hunt tests) in summer of 2023 and passed one leg towards her utility obedience degree this fall 2023. Teal qualified for the 2022 National Master Hunter Test in Quebec and made it to the last day - Day 5. Teal also qualified for the 2023 National Hunt test in Saskatoon and again made it to the last day -Day 5. Teal is a daughter of our MOTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX who was #8 top obedience dog in Canada all breed in 2022.

Teal's sire is NMH2 GMH Zaniri's Outlaw Billy The Kip Can MH30 Am/Can WCX Am MH19 CGN RE CD NS ***

Teal's pedigree and clearances are available at the following link:




Teal was bred to Blueheron's Road Test - Quiz who is a son of  OTCH Bline's Rustlin Through the Reeds MH WCX RM and great grandson of FC AFC Glenhaven HTRS MN Baronet MH OS FDHF. 

Puppies will be suitable for field competitions, hunting, obedience, agility working and active homes

Teal with bird at quartering day taken by Jessica Sept 2020.jpg
23_Teal_017_CAntlMstr23_W (1) 2023 National Saskatoon Mark Atwatrer.jpg
23_Teal_027_CAntlMstr23_W 2023 National me and Teal Saskatoon Mark Atwater photo.jpg

Teal at National Master Hunt Test 2023 Saskatoon

Teal at National Master Hunt Test 2023 Saskatoon 

Quiz standing at edge of lake.JPG

Small Title

Blueheron's Road Test - Quiz

Quiz's pedigree and clearances can be seen at the following K9data link - .

A 2nd Breeding Will Occur in September 2024.

NMH2 GMH Taygold's Real Tree Camo WCX - "Camo" will be bred to HRCH Wynwood's Storm Warning MH (54) MNR HTHF ** CCA - "Clipper"

At only 6 months of age Camo passed 3 consecutive Junior Hunt tests to obtain her JH title as well as obtaining her Working Certificate title on the same weekend.   In 2021  at  only 2 years  she  completed her Senior Hunt test title, Working  Certificate Intermediate and Working Certificate Excellent.   Camo also passed  3 Master Hunt  tests.  In 2022 at only 3 years of age Camo completed her Master Hunter title. She also qualified/passed at the National Master Hunt test in Quebec in 2022 earning her National Master Hunt title. In 2023 Camo got her Grand Master Hunter title and qualified /passed at the National Hunt test in Saskatoon. This is the 2nd National Hunt test that Camo has qualified in - 2 years in a row!

Camo is a daughter of MOTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX  and Am. FC AFC Topbrass Hawks Blackhawk OS FDHF ( Hawk was the 2nd  all  time Golden Derby Dog and obtained 17 All Age Points in U.S. Field Trials in 2019 and competed in the 10th Final Series of the 2019 U.S. NARC (National Amateur Retriever Championship). 

Camo  is a bullet  with amazing marking ability in the field.  She is  very biddable and follows directions well on blind retrieves.  She has tremendous water courage and perseverance. She learns quickly and wants to please. She is also working well in obedience. Her temperament is outstanding as is her dam's Denali and half sister Teal. 

Camo's pedigree and clearances are  available at the following link on K9 Data.

Jeff and Camo at National 2022 Quebec in front of sign.JPG
12_Camo_045_CAntlMstr23_W (1) at 2023 National Saskatoon Mark Atwater photo.jpg

Camo at National Master Hunt Test 2022 in Quebec.

Camo at 2023 National Master Hunt Test Saskatoon

Clipper has successfully passed 54 Master Hunt Tests. In the last 2 years he passed 2 National Master Hunt tests in the  U.S. where there were approximately 1200 entries. He is now in the Hunt Test Hall of Fame in the U.S. We trained with Clipper and his owner 1 day and were very impressed by his marking ability, biddability working well as a teamplayer with his owner with incredible drive and perseverance. It was impressive watching Clipper completing blind retrieves following all the casts his owner asked of him showing his ability to to work as a team player. At the same time he demonstrated a nice off switch with excellent temperament.


Clipper's pedigree and clearances are at the following K9data link:

Clipper with National Master ribbon and award.jpeg
Clipper3 head photo.JPG

Clipper at a Master National Hunt Test in U.S.


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