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Taygold is pleased to announce a breeding that will be done in December 2023 or January 2024 depending when Teal comes into heat. This would mean puppies  ready to go in April or May 2024. Performanace homes will be given preference.

We will be breeding GMH Taygold's Christie Teal MH WCX CDX. Teal Teal obtained her Grand Master Hunter title ( have to pass 15 Master hunt tests) in summer of 2023 and will be trying for her utility obedience degree this fall 2023.Teal qualified for the 2022 National Master Hunter Test in Quebec and made it to the last day - Day 5. Teal also qualified for the 2023 National Hunt test in Saskatoon and again made it to the last day -Day 5. Teal is a daughter of our MOTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX who was #8 top obedience dog in Canada all breed.

Teal's sire is NMH2 GMH Zaniri's Outlaw Billy The Kip Can MH30 Am/Can WCX Am MH19 CGN RE CD NS ***

Teal's pedigree and clearances are available at the following link

on K9data:









We have a couple of talented field sires picked out for Teal but it will depend when she comes into heat and where we are located since we are planning to go south in January to continue field training in the winter. 

Please contact me for details of these sires. Puppies will be suitable for field competitions, hunting, obedience, agility working and active homes.

Teal with bird at quartering day taken by Jessica Sept 2020.jpg
National 2022 Quebec Day 4 quad land.JPG
Photo of Teal and me  at National 2022 by Professional photographer.JPG

Teal at a Master Hunt Test

Teal at National Master 2022

Teal at National Master 2022

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