Upcoming litter in November/December 2020. We had hoped to breed Denali in the spring but due to Covid 19 we were not able to travel to do a breeding. We now hope to breed her this fall.

NOTE: We have enough reservations for both these litters and will NOT be taking anymore  except for a possible performance home where the dog will compete in field, obedience, agility, tracking,  etc.   We do not know if and when we may breed in 2021 so we are NOT taking anymore reservations. Sorry.

OTCH Taygold's Denali MH WCX CDX -"Denali"



Will be bred to Morningstar Bold Explorer SH WCX CDX "Max" - owner Angela Chamberlain



 Denali and Max have demonstrated their talented abilities in field and obedience. Denali has a  Master Hunter (MH) title and Working Certificate Excellent (WCX) in field. In obedience Denali has her Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH)  with 2 High In Trial wins while obtaining these obedience titles.

Max  has his Senior Hunter (SH) and 3 passes towards his Master Hunter title. He only needs 2 more passes for this title. He also has his Working Certiificate Excellent (WCX) in the field.  In obedience Max has his Companion Dog Excellent (CDX) title.


Max is a son of Can CH NMH2 GMH GMOTCH Sterre Texas Tycoon at Lynwood Am MH

CCA **/Can WCX *** VCX with numerous titles in field, obedience and show. 


 Max is a sister to Can GCh Morningstar Baroness O ' Lynwood Can MH WCX *** CDX also obtaining numerous titles in field, obedience and show.


Both Denali and Max have exceptional temperaments loving all people and other dogs.


They both have clearances for hips, elbow, heart, eye, thyroid as well as DNA screening for PRA 1 & 2 & pcd, ichthyosis, and NCL. Pedigrees and clearances are available on K9 data at the following links:



Trainability, water courage, marking ability and good conformation will be passed onto their puppies.This litter will produce performance dogs with potential to work in field, obedience, agility, service dogs etc.


This breeding will also take place this fall but the litter is totally reserved  except a performance home will be considered where a dog will compete in field. obedience, agility, tracking etc. competitions.

Taygold's Christie Teal SH WCX CD ( has 2 MH passes and a CDX pass)


Heading 1

Teal will be bred to:

NMH GMH Beaushiloh's Thunderstorm - owner Brian MacDonald







Teal is a keen fast worker in both field and obedience. She has her Senior Hunter title and 2 Master Hunter passes. She also has her Working Certificate Excellent title. She has good water courage and is easy to train always wanting to please. Teal is a flashy crowd pleasing dog in the obedience ring. She won a High In Trial while obtaining a Companion Dog Excellent pass. She is also very affectionate and loves all people and dogs.

Storm is a keen driving field dog obtaining a National Master Hunter title and a Grand Master Hunter title. He also has strong water courage and is used a lot to hunt pheasants. This litter will produce keen performance dogs in field, obedience, agility, tracking etc.

Their clearances and DNA testing can be found on K9data at the following links:




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